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Renting Versus Owning"
Quote from a happy apartment renter -
"I have a million-dollar view for the price of an apartment. I get a pool, and a gym and I don't have to pay extra, all the restaurants and shopping, dry cleaners, pet or vet services are within minutes of my apartment. Why would I want to spend all my off time mowing the grass? All the effort and energy needed to take care of a home, townhome or even a duplex, is not what I want. I'm free to move every year, spend my weekends and days off lounging around the pool, in the Internet cafe or curled up in my apartment with a book instead of maintaining a house and mowing the yard, not to mention the enormous  responsibility and commitment that comes with home ownership!"    

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Is Your Rent Going Up?  
It's unfortunate but a rental increase could be in your future, especially in this apartment rental market. Home prices have been going up too, along with property taxes and homeowner's insurance! Apartment rents have been increasing over the last few years at a rapid rate - supply and demand and the demand definitely was there. I will do my best to help you find a better deal, while it's not always possible, I'm happy to try. Call me or click "here" to fill out the "start apartment search" form with your apartment search criteria! If you get a rental increase that's not going to work for your budget, call me and I will try my best to help you find a lower priced apartment - free!

Urban Living!
In urban areas where real estate is at a premium, apartment communities are building up — not out — in high-rise buildings. Usually located in downtown areas such as the Texas Medical Center, Montrose and Museum Districts,  River Oaks, Rice and Houston's renowned Galleria area -  close to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, high-rise apartment communities offer residents many conveniences.
Perhaps the most appealing and unique attribute of high-rise living is location. High-rise apartments are now being built throughout the Houston areas, even Clear Lake and the Woodlands as it is more economical to build up instead of out! Yet these modern masterpieces are still convenient to work places, art and culture, entertainment, and shopping. Living near a city’s hot spots is appealing to active apartment dwellers, although the possibility of walking to get where you want to be in Houston, is still not easy to do - Houston is very large and expansive - and while pubic transportation are available with some parts of the city, a vehicle is almost mandatory to live in most all of Houston and surrounding suburbs.  
 Houston’s Metro Lite Rail, is perfect for city dwellers, particularly for employees or contractors for the Medical Center and Montrose and Museum Districts, River Oaks and many other inner loop locations. In many cities, urban high-rise apartment dwellers do not need cars and can therefore do away with this major expense and hassle – but in Houston, you need a car! It’s a big, incredibly large city and to be able to see everything, and get to everywhere you want to get to, Houston is a city that was built with the thought that everyone must have their own transportation to truly enjoy it! 
On-site retail stores are among one of the many unique attractions of urban high-rise apartments. Not in all but in a select few is the presence of retail shops on the bottom level of the building. These retailers often include businesses like a corner store, coffee shop, dry cleaner, or salon — all very useful places for residents to have convenient access to.
State of the Art, Fully Equipped Fitness Centers
While gyms or fitness centers are becoming standard amenities in more and more garden style apartment communities, they are also a common feature of high-rise apartment living. Luxury garden style apartment properties offer the same upscale, fully equipped fitness centers as in the luxury high rise property, and some are offering pilates, yoga, and a trainer with regularly scheduled workout sessions. . . A typical high-rise apartment building gym is large enough to feature free weights, nautilus machines, and cardio equipment. Luxury apartment buildings, both garden style and high rise apartment buildings are now offering extended services such as a towel service, a sauna, or an on-site massage therapist, with some even having IPod Docks, in addition to several flat screens for entertainment while working out.

Fortunately, we have these incredible amenities in most newer apartment communities, regardless of where they are located.  Suburban areas of Houston are less expensive, and you can avoid the hustle and bustle of living in the city - save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars monthly when you choose those suburban areas of Houston instead of close to the Urban or Inner Loop Areas!  
 Call me today to find out where you get the most bang for your buck! 
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 Forget the American Dream, Many Figure It's Better to Rent 

How to Get the Best Apartment Deals
"Of course I am going to find the best deals possible while staying within your price range, and with the amenities that you are requesting if at all possible", however these are some helpful things to consider - and once I know what you want, what you are accustomed to and what you are expecting for your money, I can be much more helpful.  Chances are, rent is one of the biggest expenditures in your budgets. Finding great apartment deals with lower rent can do a lot to put more money back in your pocket. How can you find the best apartment for the lowest rent? Read these tips and keep them in mind when I am emailing you the list - be sure to always OPEN up the MEMO sections in your apartment package, that is where I will put the lowest possible monthly rental amount, that you can get for that particular property, with any and all specials for lease terms included. If you just look at the "listed prices" they are not always accurate, prices change sometimes daily so if you are unable to look immediately after you get your apartment package, the pricing and availability can change. Call me for updates anytime. 

Know what you want
These days, many new apartment communities come with a huge amount of amenities, from dry-cleaning pick up to on-site massage therapists, wine tasting rooms, roof top pools, yoga and pilates and more, most of which are completely free to you as the resident. Though many extras are purely elective luxury, others can save you commute time and money, so choose to pay for services that you would be using outside of your community anyway. An on site gym, for instance, saves you membership fees elsewhere and allows you to work out any time of day or night, without having to get in your car. Likewise, having access to the community swimming pool gives you fast relief on a hot day, or a heated lap pool provides you with even more for those that are health minded, and clubrooms and great rooms with gourmet coffee bars provide you with the opportunity to meet your neighbors and make new friends quickly and easily. Almost all apartments offer at the very least a pool and fitness center, and of course free parking, as part of the amenities package. Garages in select properties are included as part of the rental but there are many more that are an additional charge.  If you have a pet, be sure to let me know so I can find the most "pet friendly" communities where you and your neighbors may have something already in common.

Be Flexible
Sometimes, apartment communities offer a bargain on rent such as a move in special or free deposit with approval and a long term lease, but with such high occupancy, specials are not as plentiful as they once were - especially with Houston being so full. If you are a person who likes to stay in for the night, once you’ve returned from work or school, you don’t necessarily need to live in the Inner Loop in particular - there are so many dining and entertainment options in every area of Houston. Consider whether being a little further from the city hub or work, might be made up for, in say square footage, definitely lower prices and the same amenities you could get in any newer luxury community in the Inner Loop  - Inner Loop Living is the most expensive in the entire Houston area with the "average" rental rate being over $1.81 per square foot but most are much higher! 

New construction
Oftentimes, newly built apartment properties offer enticing move-in deals, because they have to fill a certain number of units to begin repaying their bank loans.
Sometimes a property can offer a number of different floor plans with the same number of bedrooms, but with some subtle differences, such as a better view or a bit more or less square footage, let me know if you would like to live in a brand new community where you might be the 1st resident to have ever lived in that particular unit, just be prepared to pay a premium with constructions and land values - rents for new communities are among the highest in the city and surrounding areas! We can often get an amazing FREE RENT Incentive at a new luxury listing. 

Break down the deal
You may find offers such as “first month free” or even better a month pro-rated over your lease term bring the rent way down. I will spell this out for you in the "click for MEMO" sections of the package I send to you that will include your listings. I will show you the lowest possible rent you can pay over the required lease term. THERE ARE STILL SOME INCREDIBLE SPECIALS going on right now and I will find them for you! The location and amenities in the prospective community are also to be considered - remember they can save you money too, gym, Internet charges, etc.

It used to be the scenario that if you looked in the off season for an apartment such as Winter or Fall and not Spring and Summer, you could get lower rates and more specials - but with 3000 people moving to Houston each month, rentals have not slowed down for the last year at all. There may be a slight difference, during December but that was simply not the case in the past couple of years. Not much bargaining power exists and rents are usually not negotiable due to fair housing laws - however if a special is offered, it will be usually not last long. I try to post the deals on the Hottest Deals Section of the website but there are only certain areas of Houston that are offering them.  

Be prepared
Come prepared with all of your financial, employment information, driver's license, copies of recent leases, offer letters for employment, or bank statements in the event that the property you are most interested in applying for requires that information. Even letters from your Vet regarding the weight, breed and behavior for your pets, can come in really handy. It’s much easier to be able to "seal the deal" with a possible "look and lease" special or incentive, if you have the documentation ready, along with the ability to leave your application fee/admin fee and deposit while viewing the prospective apartments on the same day, or at the latest, 24 hours of viewing - that is what is called the "look and lease" special!  

AptExpert.com abides by all fair housing regulations in your free apartment search in Clear Lake and all surrounding areas in Houston, Texasequal-housing
Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to call, email, or use my free search tool!  Thank you and I look forward to assisting you with your next move! 
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